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2020 was the year of self-reliance and DIYs as the world was hit by COVID-19, which led to the practice of social distancing and multiple lockdowns across the globe. Through the last year, everyone did their own make-up, haircut and styled their hair for online/offline events. The end of a decade and the beginning of 2021 has called for a massive comeback of older trends and newer ones with a touch of classics. We got in touch with Gourav Gourav Bhardwaj, Creative Director, Ikonic Professional to list down some hairstyles that will be all the rage in 2021 are as follows;

Beach Curls

These are the type of curls that make you look like you just hopped out of the ocean with salty hair and let them air dry in the sun to leave them looking naturally curly/wavy. Textured hair can get this easily but for someone with straight hair, you’re going to need product and a curling iron (or a flat iron).


Invented in the 1970s and hitting its peak popularity between the 1980-1990s, crimping is making a comeback in 2021 as a hairstyle to go for. You can make crimping look good, and look like a mermaid with the right iron. A fabulous option for the summers, you can take your crimping iron with you on a holiday (that is, if Covid-19 permits), and channel your ultimate mermaid fantasies on the beach.

Messy Bob

The bob is one hairstyle that isn’t going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. A classic haircut that has been around for decades, the bob is setting its roots in 2021 as well, but as a messy look. It is a fun hairstyle to pull off and a hairstyle, if done the right way for your face type, can suit anyone and everyone. The tousled look adds volume to your hair making it flattering for any hair type.

Volume Blow-dry

Big voluminous hair was a massive trend in the 80s and it’s definitely making its comeback in 2021 and all you need is a brush and blow-dryer to get the look.

Soft Curls

The elegant soft curls are quite flattering for oval, round, square face shapes and can be achieved with a curling iron and by brushing it out after curling. These loose soft curls are a romantic, feminine look that can complement any hair length.


Another hairstyle that dominated the 80’s was the ponytail and even though we know of Ariana Grande as the pony tail queen, we’re seeing a lot more women sport the ponytail in different ways, especially in the old Hollywood retro style or bubble ponytail style.

In addition to the above, a special mention goes to the naturally textured hair look and wispy/curtain bangs that a lot of people are sporting these days, mostly since they have cut and styled it themselves.

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