Nikki Haley Dragged For Hypocrisy After Tweet Slamming Kamala Harris

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley attempted to score cheap political points against Vice President Kamala Harris this weekend, only to end up dragged for her own hypocrisy.

It all started Saturday when the vice president tweeted, “Enjoy the long weekend.”

Many conservatives expressed dismay at the seemingly benign tweet because it didn’t mention the reason for the holiday weekend: Memorial Day.

Harris’ tweet became a sore subject for people who felt the veep wasn’t honoring vets, according to Fox News.

One of those was Haley, who called Harris “unprofessional and unfit.”

But things got topsy-turvy after that tweet. 

On Sunday, Harris posted a tweet directly honoring the troops and Memorial Day.

Haley posted her own performative Memorial Day tweet about the troops on Monday, but then turned around and wrote a holiday post focused on spending time with her son ― what some would consider enjoying a long weekend with him.

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users accused her of hypocrisy.

However, one Twitter user chose to close the circle rather than attack Haley directly.

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